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We offer a huge selection of office furniture, browse our catalog to learn more.

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We understand that every client has specific needs, that’s why we make it our goal to offer solutions to each scenario. Browse our product catalog to find the style that most suites you, or contact us if you need something custom made. We’ll take care of manufacturing it for you. If you are in Brownsville TX, you don’t have to worry, we provide you with the delivery and installation at the time and place you tell us. In conclusion, you just need to worry about choosing the right item.


We manufacture a huge variaty of different products. For example: desks, work stations, conference tables, reception stations, cubicles, and more.


We distribute a variaty of quality office furniture and chairs. Such as metal desks, file cabinets, storage cabinets, conference executive chairs.


We handle the delivery and installation of all our products, as well as assembling it for you, therefore it's always ready to be used.

Custom Made

We customize most of our furniture so it fits better in your space and style. As a result your furniture is all set according to your specifications and needs.

Who are we?

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We are a family business which specializes on manufacturing and distribution of office furniture. We know each client is different, so we offer a huge selection of affordable products on our catalog, meaning you’ll always find something to fit your brand.

We’ve been helping customers find the furniture they need for 28 years since we first started this company in Brownsville TX.

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