• Cafeteria chairs

    Cafeteria chairs (2)

    Our line of cafeteria has many different kind of good quality chairs. Different colors on plastic seats, vinyl or fabric upholstery  and wood frame chairs. As well as benches with 8,12 or 16 plastic seats, and many more options just let us know what are you looking for and we will try to find you what’s best for you.
  • Conference and management chairs

    Conference and management chairs (22)

    Low and high back office chairs are available with leather, vinyl, fabric upholstery or ergonomic mesh backrest , all in many different colors.
  • Conference Room

    Conference Room (9)

    Conference tables are available in different sizes and design such as rectangular, round, boat-shapped, racetrack,  and many more shapes. Plastic laminated and metal bases are available.
  • Cubicles

    Cubicles (9)

    Cubicles with panel and desking system with a great variety of panel systems that will suit your needs. Panels can be fabric or vinyl upholstery, plastic laminated finish, or acrylic or glass panels. Cubicles with or without  power (electricity) on the panels.
  • Custom Work Stations

    Custom Work Stations (6)

    We offer custom work stations in many different shapes, such as rectangular, Ls, U, or whatever custom shape fits your office space better. It may use different type of dividers of different materials. Such as plastic laminated, aluminum, glass, cubicles with fabric or vinyl upholstery, and even hutches or cabinets.
  • Desks

    Desks (6)

    Huge variety of desks, with color, size, and shape according to your specifications and requirements to fit your needs.
  • Executive chairs

    Executive chairs (10)

    High back confortable chairs with either mesh back or different type of upholstery, such as leather, fabric or vinyl, with either black, aluminum or chrome frame.
  • Executive Stations

    Executive Stations (10)

    Our Executive Stations can be customized to fit your available office space and color you require. They can include desk, credenza, bridge connector, hutch, cabinets for shelving or storage , round tables, or sofas.
  • Guest chairs

    Guest chairs (13)

    All purpose guess chairs with metal or wood frame, on different type of upholstery ( fabric, leather or vinyl) or just plastic seat.
  • Heavy duty chairs

    Heavy duty chairs (7)

    Design-and adaptable heavy duty chairs for over 300-350 pounds persons , ergonomic with exceptional comfort throughout the workday.
  • L Shaped Desks

    L Shaped Desks (6)

    Custom or standard L shaped desks are available to your preferred size and design. Some include dividers like panels or hutches, as well as many different type of pedestals, vertical or lateral file cabinets are available. Different type of metal bases are available too.
  • Lobby chairs

    Lobby chairs (11)

    Modern and transitional lines harmonizes contemporary style and unlimited flexibility with complementary models designed to fit tight budgets. Metal or wood frame with different upholstery, such as leather, vinyl or fabric.
  • Meeting Room

    Meeting Room (8)

    Multi-purpose tables with an optional flip-top surface that can be nested for easy storage or fixed base in plastic laminated or metal base are also available. They can be used on collaborative training, class room or conference environments.
  • Millwork

    Millwork (9)

    Custom millwork. Cabinets and work surfaces are available on the size, finish, and specification that fits better your work space and the number of users needed. Kitchen and other type of custom cabinets available.
  • Reception

    Reception (5)

    Reception furniture with different shapes, sizes, and colors to provide a great welcome environment into your company. L shapes, rectangular,U shapes and many more are available.
  • Stand Up

    Stand Up (6)

    Height adjustable stand up tables that incorporates healthy movements into your workday. Many colors, sizes, and shapes with or without dividers are available. Manual and electric height adjustment available.
  • Stool chairs

    Stool chairs (9)

    A highly durable frame withstands the demands of both office and campus life. Perfect for creating interactive spaces that promote collaboration or just for any type of elevables or just hight tables.
  • Storage

    Storage (6)

    Mixed storage cabinets with adjustable or fixed shelving with doors and drawers on metal or plastic laminated are available. Laterals or vertical files cabinets with 2,3,4,and 5 drawers on letter or legal size available on metal or plastic laminated.
  • Task chairs

    Task chairs (5)

    Personalize your comfort with adjustable lumbar support and a range of ergonomic seat and backrest options all in one chair helping to work in a better environment your team work. All with different prices according to your budget.
  • Work Stations

    Work Stations (5)

    We have a big variety of work stations, such as: rectangular, l shaped, u shaped station, and cubicles. All can be one or more together and include plastic laminated, aluminum panels or hutches dividers to create a private environment for each station.
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